Why do we celebrate World Refugee Day?

On June 20 every year, World Refugee Day honors refugees and raises awareness of their situation. At SINGA, we are not fond of the name ‘Refugee Day’ because we think it reduces people to legal status. It doesn’t help celebrate the full range of individuality behind this term. Nevertheless, at a time of heated debate around immigration, this is a great opportunity to remind the world that migration drives innovation, growth, and cultural enrichment.

Over the course of this year’s Refugee Week, we will, as we do every day, promote and share the power of migration. Experience diversity and migration-led innovation through our online live events, and join the activities organized in your local SINGA community. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating immigration and diversity around the world.

Online events

  • On June 15th at 2pm, join our conversation on entrepreneurship and refugees and how companies can get involved, with Elise Ginioux from Generali France, Alice Barbe, SINGA’s co-founder, and the brilliant writer of Hakim’s Odyssey, Fabien Toulme. This session will be held in French. Register here
  • On June 17th at 9:30am, we’ll present our new position paper co-authored with UTOPIES, on “How immigration contributes to innovation, growth and business resilience”. With Guillaume Capelle, SINGA’s co-founder, Elisabeth Laville, CEO of Utopies, François Gemmene, renownedmigration expert, Ghaees Alshorbajy, CEO of Kaoukab and Mercedes Erra, Havas & BETC President. This session will be held in French. You can attend here.
  • On June 17th at 5pm: “From Google to Pfizer’s vaccines, how immigration inspires groundbreaking innovations”. Join Aline Sara, CEO & Co-founder of NaTakallam; Anna Schwarz, BCG Henderson Institute Ambassador and Consultant at BCG, co-writer of “Innovation without borders” reportDaniel Essa, Syrian luxury footwear designer and Guillaume Capelle, SINGA’s co-founder. All the details are available here.
  • On June 23rd at 7pm CET, with the Columbia University Global Centers, SINGA’S co-founder, Alice Barbe, will present her book “One is not born but rather becomes an activist”. Register here

Local activities

  • Paris – Multiple activities will take place at “La Maison des Réfugiés” : food gatherings, concerts, paintings… On June 17th at 4.30pm, join the Roundtable on “How can we transform reception policies”. Join David Robert, SINGA France’s Director, Delphine Rouilleault, CEO of France Terre d’Asile, Bruno Morel, CEO of Emmaus, Pascal Brice, president of the Federation of Acteurs de la Solidarité, Harouna Sow, guest chef of the Refugee Food Festival and entrepreneur, Fabienne Lasalle, Co-founder of SOS Méditerranée, Céline Schmidt, UNHCR spokesperson in France, Ian Brossat, housing deputy to the mayor of Paris. All the activities for the Refugee Week in Paris