SINGA is recognized worldwide as a leader in intercultural innovation, inclusive entrepreneurship, community management, social innovation, tech for good and pluralism.

We work with a large ecosystem of startups, NGOs, artists and activists, schools and universities, public institutions and companies that share our values.

What makes us
so unique?

  • Inclusive Design

    We know how to create communities with people from different cultures, generating value through each person's uniqueness.

  • Resilience in Entrepreneurship

    We develop innovative methods in times of crisis, transition or uncertainty.

  • Data of the future

    We know what Gen Y and newcomers in 10 countries in Europe and North America aspire to.

  • Tech for good

    We have created several community platforms, using tech to for match humans together, and processes for monitoring, mediation, etc.

Our products

The best solutions to make an impact or seize the opportunities created by migration.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of newcomer inclusion solutions that have emerged from our incubators and communities


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They talk about us

SINGA et BNP Paribas, c’est une longue histoire. Nous sommes leur banque depuis le début. Ils ont formé nos collaborateurs dans plusieurs villes de France. Au fil des années, nous avons pu constater leur impact social. Aujourd’hui, nous soutenons leur dernière innovation technologique qui réunit les français et les réfugiés dans une dynamique positive d’échanges et de création. Un « win-win » pour la société et l’économie.

Antoine Sire, Directeur de l’engagement - BNP Paribas

Entreprenariat | 22 oct. 2019

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We chose to collaborate with SINGA because together, we were able to create a highly customized project centered around a common vision : inclusion as a source of growth and innovation. We truly found a trusted partner for our newcomers inclusion project.

Débora GROSSE - Development Manager Tissus, Hermès

Entreprenariat | 22 oct. 2019

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We work with SINGA on many issues related to inclusion and innovation based on migration. They are a reliable and efficient partner, very important to us because of thier ability to innovate on the one hand, and to bring together the right people around a project, on the other. We always find incredible teams close to our problems.

Guillaume De Vesvrotte - Co Founder, We Don't Need Roads

Entreprenariat | 22 oct. 2019

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SINGA’s leadership team and the very unique assets that they have developed over the years are impressive. Their know how, their community of engaged members, their tech platforms and their ability to build sustainable solutions can address a variety of key strategic needs of the business community. SINGA is poised to be a true social impact provider for companies that want to broaden their social impact

Maureen Alma Sigliano
Cascine Pal's Founder, ex Global Vice President at Western Union

Entreprenariat | 22 oct. 2019

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