For ten years, SINGA has been supporting thousands of entrepreneurs in Europe through its eight incubators. Among the +300 organizations created, more than 20 are working to build a more welcoming and inclusive society with and for newcomers.. Through language learning, professional inclusion, educational support or academics, the creation of bonds through sport and culture, access to housing, or awareness-raising on the topics of asylum and exile, these organizations, like SINGA, are committed every day to a more equal and inclusive Europe.      

At a time when Europeans are wondering how to help refugees fleeing from Ukraine, we share with you a list – not exhaustive – of these organizations who support newcomers from everywhere, everyday. 

 Language Learning 

  • FrelloAn intuitive app allowing anyone anywhere to learn French
  • NaTakallamPioneering the concept of leveraging the Internet economy and refugees’ language skills to provide language services to users worldwide.
  • AbajadAn innovative approach to learning French related to specific business sectors, soon to become an app. 
  • SolodouAn innovative solution promoting literacy. Newcomers in French-speaking countries can learn to read and write on their own with a user-friendly app supported by a literacy kit.

 Professional Inclusion

  • Sama For AllPromoting newcomer employment through cultural mediation training, in partnership with world-renowned museums.
  • KonexioFostering inclusion by providing newcomers with digital training, from basic skills to coding.
  • KodikoMatching refugees with locals working in the same sector to promote employment and diversity within businesses.
  • Meet My MamaMeet My Mama reveals the culinary talents of women from all over the world, from all walks of life, all ages, and all social backgrounds. They are passionate about cooking and driven by the desire to share their know-how ౼ and make a living out of it.
  • Refugeefood The Refugee Food* project aims to change the way refugees are viewed, to facilitate their professional integration into catering, to work for fair, sustainable and diversified food for all.
  • IMECE – Teaches solar engineering to refugee women and supports the schooling of their children.
  • IMPRODETT – Promoting the know-how of newcomers in Grenoble, France.

Education and Academic Inclusion

  • UNIR A non-profit organization that supports asylum seekers and refugees in their academic and socio-economic integration.
  • Mathbridge –  To make learning math more accessible to everyone through tailored programs with individual mentoring and a digital interactive platform.

Information Around Exile and Asylum  

  • Guiti NewsAn independent, collaborative media outlet promoting a unique and positive view on migration.
  • O-CR An association that informs, investigates, and raises awareness on refugee, displaced, and migrant camps.


  • J’accueilleHosting platform in France connecting locals with an open room and newcomers looking for housing. 
  • CALMConnects housemates in Brussels with refugees and enables them to share their housing on a long-term basis.
  • CaracolRepurposing vacant buildings to promote social inclusion through intercultural flatshares.

Creating Bonds Through Cultural and Social Activities

  • KabubuCreating bonds through sports. 
  • S.W.A.G. Studio – Connecting individuals around the world through the passion of dance. 
  • Causons Promoting linguistic and cultural exchange with migrants and refugees in a situation of socio-professional integration.
  • Lou Novio Jouen – Creates links between unaccompanied foreign minors and young residents of nearby villages through cinema and images.

Administrative Assistance  

  • Spiky CommunityHelping newcomers settle in France via an application to decode administrative procedures in France and meet French and other foreign people nearby. 

Health and Well-Being 

  • Aalia Tech – An application that translates the healthcare professional’s questions into the patient’s native language, considering the patient’s medical and cultural context.
  • Solinum –  An online tool called Soliguide to help those in need of services, initiatives, and resources like hygiene and well-being.