Our position paper, co-authored with UTOPIES, is now available. This paper explores the issues related to the economics of migration and invites everyone to transform the challenge of welcoming people into an opportunity for businesses and the economy.

With inspiring examples, this publication aims to replace prejudices with facts, provide figures and testimonies of committed companies, which open the way to a more inclusive society. This useful guide also invites economic actors to take up the challenge of the migration topic as they do with the climate crisis. In conclusion, an analysis grid and a checklist allow companies to self-assess their current practices and their margins for progress on inclusion.

Through this position paper, we seek to advance corporate practices. Migration is undeniably one of the major challenges of the 21st century. And if Europe welcomed only 6% of the world’s “migrants” in 2015, the challenge is great for each country, for each institution, for each citizen… and for each company, at a time when companies are questioning their contribution to society.

In the era of mission-driven companies, how can we meet the growing demands of stakeholders (investors, consumers or employees) in terms of corporate commitment and alignment between their raison d’être and their practices? In addition to their economic power, companies have an immense power of influence. They are capable of changing social norms to write a new, more inclusive and sustainable narrative – and they have a lot to gain from this, in terms of notoriety, positivity and performance.

You’ll find the complete report here: UTOPIES_Notedepo22_Migrations_juin2021.pdf-