On the occasion of the COP26, taking place from October 31 to November 12 in Glasgow, we would like to highlight the creators in the SINGA network who are rethinking fashion, agriculture, recycling, energy, food (and more!) to build a sustainable future. 

Faced with the challenges of today and tomorrow, SINGA believes that encounters and cultural diversity as a vector of creation and innovation.  

Over a period of 5 years, more than 300 startups have been incubated by SINGA all over Europe, contributing to positive impact on the environment, 

Eco-responsible fashion, recycling solutions, organic cuisine, circular economy, solar energy… discover a few examples of projects incubated by SINGA in Europe. 

  • Kaoukab, incubated in Paris, a collection and recycling company for metal waste
  • Vergers du monde, incubated in Paris, promotes local and international agricultural know-how and its integration into an agricultural world that respects the land
  • Mmopi, incubated in Nantes, a clothing brand made from organic materials and dyes which supports its customers to build an eco-responsible wardrobe
  • IMEC, incubated in Nantes, is training refugee women in electrical engineering and solar energy systems while supporting the education of their children
  • Kaboulyon, incubated in Lyon, an eco-village answering various needs.: food autonomy, support for people in exile, highlighting talents, and establishing connections with nature
  • Populaire Café, incubated in Paris, a company that roasts coffees from Colombia by hand and makes deliveries by bike, in an eco-responsible approach
  • Le Jardin Vivant, incubated in Geneva, is an organic cooperative that offers local products and offers internship opportunities to refugees to facilitate their professional integration

In addition to supporting entrepreneurs, SINGA, in various cities, is committed to acting towards a greener future.  

For example, SINGA Luxembourg has been selected by the European Social Economy award 2021 #EUSocialEcoAwards in the top 10 organizations in the Green Transition categories. The European Social Economy Awards organizations that support and enrich communities by making a contribution to society in tackling some of today’s biggest societal, environmental and technological challenges.

In France, since September 2021, SINGA has joined the Business Convention for the Climate (CEC) and is, therefore, one of 150 organizations to commit to an 8-month program with the best scientific and educational experts to reduce the impact of its activities. One objective: to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 with the imperative of protecting biodiversity and regenerating living organisms 🌱