Let's find new solutions powered by migration!
Since 2012, SINGA has been creating events, tools and new spaces to encourage both newcomers and locals to find synergies, learn from each other and build a brighter future together, thanks to:

* A global community of 80,000 members bringing together newcomers and locals through common passions, skills and projects.

* A network of entrepreneurship programs in 18 cities in 7 countries that work withs entrepreneurs develop successful projects.

* A virtuous ecosystem that brings the community, leaders and institutions together to reinvent inclusion and the future of migration.

Our values

  • Inclusive Design

    We build communities with people from different cultures in a common society and generate value through the singularities of each one.

  • Entrepreneurial resilience

    We develop innovative methods in times of crisis, transition or uncertainty.

  • Data for the future

    We know the aspirations of Generation Y and newcomers in 7 countries in Europe and America.

  • Tech for good

    We created several community platforms, with technologies to match newcomers with locals based on common interests and protocols for monitoring and mediation.

Our history

2011 ― 2012


Guillaume Capelle and Nathanael Molle began working with entrepreneurs, asylum seekers and refugees in Australia and Morocco. At the time, they lacked the tools necessary to uncover the potential of each individual. Joined by Alice Barbe, they began creating a community to reinvent inclusion.

2013 ― 2015

Scaling communities with technology

Connecting people with refugee backgrounds to locals, through common interests or projects. SINGA hosted two migration hackathons, which lead to hosting platforms for migrants, as well as code learning websites.

2016 ― 2018

Activating talents to connect people

SINGA is scaled in France, Europe and North America, with open source methods that support citizens and entrepreneurs in tackling migration-related challenges. Chapters launch their hubs and incubators to support entrepreneurs’ startups.

From 2020

Sharing our key learnings with the world

SINGA helps citizens prepare to welcome newcomers, by connecting and working with them to develop projects related to migration and diversity. We want everyone, everywhere, to be able to thrive and contribute to a better future. Anyone can launch a SINGA, why not you?

Our impact


350 entities created


Our governance

We are an international network of regional chapters (of various sizes) united by the SINGA brand, which is protected by international law and managed by the association of Law 1901: Singa Global.

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