In a world where inequalities and injustices continue to grow, Alice Barbe, SINGA co-founder and entrepreneur in the migration and civic engagement sector, brings us a story about activism that vehemently calls for the inclusion of refugees. This former resident of the Barack Obama Foundation invites us to discover their incredible potential and to engage, radically.

Alice Barbe’s first book, “One is not born but rather becomes an activist”

Every year, thousands of people are forced to flee conflict or persecution. The host countries often see a shapeless, precarious mass without any individuality. We hear about refugees, but do we really have the opportunity to hear them speak, meet them, get to know them?

Alice Barbe’s book shares her story of discovering migration issues in the humanitarian sector and the testimonies of newcomers who have shaped the SINGA movement by sharing their experiences, struggles, dreams and hopes. She offers an alternative to the typical safety or humanitarian narratives around refugees. 

As she takes us behind the scenes of SINGA, our movement that sparks collaboration between newcomers and locals, Alice explains how we can – even as we face immense climate, democratic and social challenges – draw inspiration from those we call “migrants.” We can get involved, create new solutions and give rise to a new generation of citizens.

She writes: “SINGA has become a citizen movement that impacts cities in Europe and Canada. It provides an answer to the high demand of human interactions between ‘us’ and ‘them’. It is an outlet for the fierce desire for activism all over the world, not only against hate and racism, but also in favor of collective intelligence and the will to find ways to face the threats that weigh on humanity and on the planet, together.”

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