Today, March 8, 2022, SINGA celebrates International Women’s Rights Day as a way to honor women’s achievements, raise awareness against gender bias, and take action for equality. 

More than 252 Million women throughout the world have embarked on entrepreneurial adventures. This annual day is a great opportunity to remind the world that female entrepreneurship is still a difficult road with many systemic barriers. In the US, only 2.8% of those receiving investment are women; only 8% of European investment goes to women, and less than 10% of staff in public and private funds are women. 

At SINGA, 53% of our incubated projects are led by women. We will celebrate them as their companies or associations are truly impacting the economy, education, tech, health, food, etc. 

This is not only about equality, this is about growth, innovation, and social change.

Check out some of these projects below: 

  1. Rima Hassan – O-CR, Observatoire des Camps de Réfugiés is an association that informs, investigates, and raises awareness on refugee, displaced, and migrant camps.
  2. Camila Ríos Armas – UniR is a non-profit organization that supports asylum seekers and refugees in their academic and socio-economic integration.
  3. Joyce Dworak – Friskyness designs products in partnership with small, predominantly female and black-owned workshops. It stands for slow fashion with feminist values and aims to empower other women.
  4. Aimée Monica Domingo – Maison Couture Baï is a tailor-made, unique couture for everyday wear and special events, which uses sustainable materials and speaks out against the mistreatment of animals in the fashion industry.
  5. Ruba Khatib – La Petite Syrienne is a food-kiosk and restaurant, which also caters for events and festivals, aiming to deliver innovative Syrian specialties based on the best traditional Syrian recipes.
  6. Aminata Diouf – Griboulli engages companies in the reconciliation of lifetimes by setting up childcare at home.
  7. Bonney Magambo – FAV PROTECTOR is an arteriovenous fistula protection cuff for people undergoing hemodialysis treatment.
  8. Donia Souad Amamra – Meet My Mama reveals the culinary talents of women from all over the world, from all walks of life, all ages, and all social backgrounds. They are passionate about cooking and driven by the desire to share their know-how.
  9. Fatima Al-Faqeer – Petra Nomad was created as a tearoom and a place to share and enjoy homemade teas and pastries. Her formula evolves according to her moods and allows you to immerse yourself in Jordanian culture in an authentic way.
  10. Nina Gheddar – Guiti News is an independent, collaborative media outlet promoting a unique and positive view on migration.
  11. Pilar Anguita-Mackay – Le Jardin Vivant is an organic food cooperative that offers local and sustainable products in bulk, as well as internship opportunities for refugees to support their professional inclusion.
  12. Marie Doue Gossan – Methisima matches newcomers with companies to foster sustainable employment related to their skills and professional experience.
  13. Fatima El Hassni – Terre d’Argan offers natural and sustainable cosmetics made from Moroccan Argan Oil, such as soaps, oils, and creams. All their products are locally sourced from women’s cooperatives working with Argan trees by hand.
  14. Noémie Marchyllie – Kabubu aims to facilitate exiles’ social and professional inclusion in our society through sport.
  15. Jean Guo – Konexio’s mission is making digital technology a synonym of opportunities by training the most vulnerable in digital skills – from the most basic to the most advanced – to facilitate their socio-professional inclusion.
  16. Pranita Chettri – Books for Change is an organization operating in Indian and Nepal, which aims to provide access to quality education for every child, starting with literacy and investing in education programs for young girls.
  17. Victoria Mandefield – Solinum develops high-impact digital projects for social action, such as Soliguide: the first mapping of services useful to people in great poverty.
  18. Dounia Hannach – Abajad is an employability accelerator to support refugees towards employment by offering innovative training solutions in partnership with companies.
  19. Khadija Salomon – Le Falaf is a catering service that revisits the concept of falafel, offering original recipes cooked by refugees.
  20. Hélène Ramajo – Causons promotes linguistic and cultural exchange with people of immigrant background in a situation of socio-professional integration by organizing language courses.