In light of the war in Ukraine, SINGA, a global organization that brings together local and newcomers (asylum seekers, refugees..), supports the development of citizen hosting programs for refugees in multiple European countries. SINGA calls on citizens, private and public actors, to massively support this initiative in order to structure a sustainable European solution for reception and inclusion of refugees.

Nearly one million refugees have already fled Ukraine in the past week, according to the UNHCR. At this rate, the war in Ukraine could generate the largest migration movement of the century in Europe. This tragedy is provoking a new wave of solidarity throughout Europe. In this context, SINGA plans to expand its French and Belgian citizen accommodation methodology in multiple European countries. In France and Belgium, hundreds of families have already come forward to SINGA’s hosting program “J’accueille” to open their doors to men, women and children forced into exile. The registration rate is 20 times higher than usual.

This program allows citizens who have a spare room to host refugees for a few months, so that they can focus on their projects (resuming their studies, finding a job and housing). Created in 2015, this accommodation program has proven its effectiveness and impact: more than 700 refugees have already been welcomed in France, and the people who enter the program are four times more likely to have a job and six times more likely to find independent, permanent housing. . This program also represents an enriching experience for the local hosts as it creates lasting connections, intercultural exchange and reinforces social cohesion. It has already facilitated the reception of Afghan refugees following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021.

SINGA wants to deploy this solution in the countries bordering Ukraine: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldavia; and in European countries that welcome refugees so that a maximum number of refugees can be welcomed with dignity.

The development in Europe will take place through partnerships and the sharing of SINGA’s methodology and know-how by providing social support, networking, mediation skills and tools to all NGOs and citizen groups that express the need. “Citizen hosting is a powerful solution which can be swiftly mobilized. Having developed a real expertise since 2015, it is important for us to pass it on to any organization wishing to support citizens in this approach” says Vincent Berne, Director of the french hosting program.

SINGA stands for a sustainable inclusion policy for all people in exile, on a long term basis. “Migration has been changing in scale. This phenomenon is bound to intensify due to global warming and the multiplication of geopolitical crises. This situation only demonstrates the need to implement a policy of hospitality and sustainable inclusion for all exiled people in the world, to build better social cohesion”, declares Benoît Hamon, CEO of SINGA Global.

How to help ?

👉 Want to start a citizen hosting program outside of France? We are looking to identify associations and social enterprises in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova that would have the capacity to launch a citizen hosting program for refugees. Contact us:

👉 Support the French program by making a donation to allow us to organize a maximum of hostings in this period > Make a donation

👉 Share a room by signing up for an info meeting to learn all about this hosting program. It’s free, and non-binding: for France / CALM for Brussels

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Myriam Nouicer – Head of Communication