How to think about inclusion on a national scale, in a peaceful way? How to be better off with diversity instead of putting up with it?
Beyond moral imperatives and good intentions, a horizontal, intercultural approach is necessary to develop concrete approaches to integrating immigrants in the labor force.

Thoughts about the vocabulary related to asylum and integration bring to light the mental barriers to effective strategies. The recent literature and SINGA’s experiments since 2012 confirm that the theory of social capital (for learning how to create a maximum of networks of friendships and interests around newcomers) is both a pertinent analytical grid and operational tool for inclusion, especially in the world of work.

Even though actions for targeting unemployed immigrants are apparently not a policy priority, the labor market must be made more inclusive.

Accompanying immigrants to set up their own businesses, although it is not claimed to be a macroeconomic solution, does help alter perceptions about immigration.

A first step is to see immigration as a potential source of innovation…

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David Robert, Director of SINGA France